Hi! I’m Laura McDouall,

Award-Winning Copywriter, Speaker, Podcaster & Founder of The Copy Fix.

Over the last few years, I’ve honed my craft writing for some of the biggest names in the online space, while supporting & training thousands of other business owners to uplevel their own copy. And I love it!


But what I’m really passionate about?

The world needs to hear YOUR voice.

No matter how many ‘influencers’ or big names in your space – people need to hear what YOU have to say, in the way only you can say it.

Your message. Your take on the world. Your experience & your expertise.

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People are craving connection.

And if you know you’re meant to create an incredible 6- or 7-figure business; to have real impact in this world; to change thousands or millions of lives…

Being able to connect & inspire others with your words is like having a superpower in your corner!

We call ALL learn how polish our copy – to grab attention; hook your reader in & inspire more of your ideal clients into action.

You’ll find all that here.

But actually, writing compelling, engaging copy goes way deeper than that.

It’s about owning your voice.

Standing for something.

Writing copy not just with your head, but from your heart.

So that together, we can shout our messages bravely; reach & serve MORE perfect-fit clients & do more good in this world…with huge fulfilment & abundance along the way.


Let’s get started!


let’s get to work!

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