Ready to “Fix” Your Copy?

Honestly? It doesn’t have to feel so hard, every time you sit down to write.

Discover how to write compelling, magnetic copy with sooo much more ease & flow & break through the blocks holding you back…

Copy = Words that Drive Action

Your social posts, emails, blogs, funnel, website…it’s ALL copy!

But you don’t need to ‘fix’ your copy.

It’s not broken.

You don’t need the perfect subject line or call to action.

The secret is bringing ALL of you to your words. Writing from your heart (not just your head) & making people feel something…because THAT is what inspires them into action!

Where are you on YOUR journey to amazing copy?

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I’m Laura.

I’m Laura McDouall – Award-Winning Copywriter, Speaker, Podcaster & Founder of The Copy Fix.

I truly believe that as business owners & entrepreneurs, writing copy is THE single biggest skill we can develop. It’s like having a superpower in your corner.

So we can shout our messages bravely; reach & serve MORE perfect-fit clients & do more good in this world…with huge fulfilment & abundance along the way!

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Shift Your Energy…
Supercharge Your Copy!

If writing anything feels hard right now – your posts, emails, sales pages, funnels, website or anything else…

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Just Beginning

You’re fed up with feeling stuck when you sit down to write. You’d LOVE to create compelling copy with so much more ease & flow…that actually works, to inspire your ideal clients into action!


You’ve got a sales page, website, email sequence or funnel…but you’d love a professional copywriter to help bring the magic, to really get it connecting & converting!

Next Level Success

You know you’re meant for more – more impact; more abundance; more success. You’re done with playing small & you’re ready to take your business to the next level NOW!

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